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Retribution For Nothing

No, I don't have any
I said I have no spare money
What the fuck you just say
You think you're funny
Laugh at this

God, you make me sick
Asking for coins to buy booze
Teach you to sit and beg
You just lit my fuse
Dirty pig

Stand and do something
Get off your ass you weak fag
Laying there makes it worse
In some body bag
I'll put you

Homeless people suck
You are just a drunk crackhead
There are far too many
Better not be dead
Stay alive

Keep on breathing in
So I can still make you bleed
I don't know the reason
For this carnal need
To bring pain

You're not who I hate
The words on all the pages
In all those fat phone books
That cause these rages
Within me

His blood is still here
With that of all the slain
The many who suffered
Because of my pain
And dark heart
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