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Looking for God

When I was young, and often cut
By the knives of many surgeons
And people's stares
I knew a boy with whom I shared
A room, at the close of the year

He had been broke and burnt
While I was built and shaped
We both lay in our beds at night
Following the flakes of snow dropping
Trying not to hear the christmas carols
Ignoring the beeps proclaiming we are alive

He would moan loud while he slept
I could not sleep, so it didn't matter
We both called out our prayers for God to come
He was desperately needed there in the flesh
To ease our pained and weakened forms
Or at least to open all the gifts
Our plastered hands could not

He never showed, a new year came
The TVs showed that dropping ball
As nurses took our bodies' vitals
The two of us wondered about our souls
And if God saw how they hurt and ached
Where was He at, and why had He not called
To say keep your chin up, don't lose heart
It'll be okay . . . I promise

I sat up in my bed on New Year's Day
Feeling nothing was good and all was bad
No traces of happiness anywhere in that room
No signs of God in anything we knew here
The lunch trays came with unholy meals
All but the desserts tasted of garbage
And neither of us would clean our plates
Together we jumped to the frozen sweet ending
Sometimes you can find God in a popsicle
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