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Long Night's Journey

Pushing the needle past ninety-five
Gripping the wheel with white knuckles
Staring down the road into the past

When I was nine, we met on a Sunday night
Grey hair, pale skin, short and thin
Her voice, a whisper of springtime winds
This ancient waif hugged me fiercely
Saying soft in my ear, "Call me Grandma"

This old mother of my new dad
Treated me as if I was her closest kin
She would actually talk with me
Instead of around me as adults often do
A Tiny woman had a giant heart

As years flew by, we tightened our bond
When my world raged, burning so cold
She would be at her door, arms out wide
Giving me a refuge from that tempest
Only she knew was churning inside of me

When I went to college it came
A tumor that hid itself for quite some time
Then it attacked her without mercy
Stealing the small lady's immense presence
She scratched and fought in vain

Leaving the hospital, she was brought home
To the place we had met many years ago
I was far away, wrestling with all my demons
I could not, would not answer the phone
When they called home to give her my goodbye

Fighting through the searing pain
Driving fast through that endless night
Hoping for miracles in the morning

My grandma always loved me from day one with such a pure heart, and the limitless grace that only she had. I was technically a step-grandson, but her heart never heard that. The first time I ever uttered the words, "I love you," was at her bedside the week before she died.
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