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Ghost Man on First

When digging holes to China
Behind our house when I was young
I never seemed to go much deeper
Than three feet on each try

When jumping ramps on bikes
In the middle of our quiet street
We always thought we'd fly away
Like that one scene in E.T.

When playing in sprinklers
On the green and plush front lawn
We danced and yelled in delight
Imagining tropical jungles

When running to the jingle
Of ice cream trucks trolling past
Our minds had already been made
I want a fudge bar, please

When standing at the plate
Of make-shift diamonds in a field
Somebody would hit deep to left
And walk the bases as king

Digging holes takes a back seat
To digging the girl in that skirt
Jumping bikes will just have to wait
When my car needs an oil change and wash

Sprinkler dances would have to end
Because laptops don't like to be wet
Who can even think of an ice cream bar
With cholesterol, fat and all the calories

No matter how life changes
That little child inside me
I still love the thoughts of
Having the ghost man on first
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