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Almost 2,000 years ago, a magnificent and powerful empire began its decay, and subsequent demise. After the death of Marcus Aurelius, his son assumed control of the empire. Over the next 13 years, civil war and a declining imperial power started an erosion of the greatest empire in history.

In 193 A.D. Septimius Serverus, a Roman military general, became emperor and witnessed the sliding of a once world dominating culture into oblivion. Over the following 90 years, Rome saw countless emperors assassinated by opponents, as well as revolting Roman citizens. That period of time also saw Germans invade, and force the empire to yield territory. The pivotal moment in the slow death of history's greatest nation was in 285 A.D. when Emperor Diocletian actually moved the capitol city to Byzantium, which is in modern day Turkey as Istanbul.

This retreating, and its cowardice signaled to all of mankind that Rome was a weak and dying old man who refused to struggle for life, but would rather slink away into the night clinging like a child to one last cookie. The killer blow was 20 years later when Constantine became the first Christian emperor, bringing with him his weak morality and supposed doctrine.

Rome fell, not with honor, but as a cowardly victim succumbing to any who saw fit to attack. It all happened because of weakness in the highest levels, caused by discord and liberalistic anti-imperial beliefs throughout the citizenry. The ancient version of liberals today, ate away at the vitals of Rome like a cancer, rendering it too weak and feeble to stand and fight.

America is blindly plodding down the same path.

On September 11th, back in 2001, our country was rocked by the single greatest act of terrorism in human history. Radical factions of Islam committed a blatant act of war on the United States when their followers carried out orders to crash commercial airlines into the World Trade Center, as well as the Pentagon in the nation's capital.

There were four planes involved in the plot; three of them successfully fulfilled their hijackers' intentions. The fourth, the oft mentioned Flight 93, became a mark in history were 41 people showed the world what is at the heart of America.

"Let's roll," was the battle cry when several passengers refused to go softly into that goodnight. They stood up against certain death, looked it in the eye, and did not blink. They stood not for their survival, for it was certain they would all die regardless of the outcome. What they were fighting for, instead of themselves, was directly the lives of others they would never know. Indirectly, these Americans were fighting for their country.

All of one accord, much as early America was, they succeeded in thwarting the tyrannical plans of the terrorists who'd commandeered the airliner. There was no disputing, no petty bickering about the best way to handle this horrific situation. None of them stopped to take a show of hands to see if everyone felt okay with what was to take place - they knew the course of history for many people, if not a nation, was on their shoulders. So they acted, knowing death was to be the consequence, but regarding honor and country as more paramount to comfort and softhearted acceptance and tolerance of a different thinking people's choice to inflict damage for their God.

Yes, America was founded on principles of freedom to believe in whatever one chooses, and the collection of certain inalienable rights of all people. It was also founded on the principle that it is worth fighting to the death for said freedoms and rights. Those gallant and noble passengers of 93 showed us the steely eyed resolve of our forefathers. If only our entire nation had the same iron countenance.

Today, the nation is being rotted away from within by weakness. Liberalism and overtolerance have rendered the pillars of our country, the weight bearing walls of democracy, ineffective and impotent. Not since World War II has this nation been steadfast in any belief in its own sovereignty. It is the obligation and privilege of the strong, to champion the weak - and police humanity so that villains cannot achieve a firm grasp on society. We were strong, but have slowly handed away our strength so that feelings weren't hurt, enemies weren't made and everyone could share in the misery of mediocrity, equally.

There are countless issues that this country has faced, and handled with debilitating liberal weakness. None, however, has been such a glaring advertisement for the profound cowardice of modern American culture as the handling of this “War on Terror.”

The instant it was confirmed that the Taliban was responsible for 9/11, America should have launched a blindingly furious rampage on their home country. If there was ever a time that warranted the use of large-scale nuclear weaponry, it was this.

We were once the defining nation of the world, and had the responsibility to oversee it all, ensuring that no one could ever terrorize a people as we were. By failing to live up to our status and position as the world's greatest voice for freedom, we led the opponents of such beliefs straight to our own homes.

I say it is time for us to be of one accord, as the passengers of 93 were. It is time for this "Republic" to become an Empire. It is time for the greasy smiling, limp handed liberal faction of this country to be slapped down from their thrones high atop the media, the core of the nation's educational structure, and the government itself. It is time for courage, honor, and strength to take its rightful place as the ruler of the greatest nation on earth - before that nation dies, as Rome did.

* * * * * *
For this country to be victorious and return itself to its long lost luster and glory, many things need to be addressed without hesitation or question:

I – This nation must wage all-out war against any faction that stands opposed to our way of life. The horns of freedom must blow loud and true in the roars of jet engines, the shaking of the earth by our many soldiers invading the homes of the infidels, and the sweeping silence left behind when we have vanquished all our enemies. No one on earth should be able to actively oppose the United States, without the concrete knowledge that they will be annihilated.

II – Invasions of opposing nations are a necessity and are demanded by the universal code of self-preservation. We are animals, only with a greater intellect. Animals live by the laws of survival, and so do we. To survive, we must slash at the throat of any other creature that dares to pose a threat to our pack.

III – Inside our own borders, lay far too many tumors of humanity, spreading their cancer throughout the critically ill country. The gays and lesbians, the mentally infirm, the elderly who are incapable of anything but draining valuable resources and personnel, the homeless persons who have bilked and leeched off the weak hearts of the liberals, and any person who chooses to stand against the revolution should be dealt with in a timely and beneficial fashion.
A. Those who are deemed healthy can choose to be a part of whichever social program they see fit, such as offering up their organs for transplant to those who are of the revolution and in need, participating in genetic testing and manipulation to help further medical research, and permanent labor forces whose duty it is to resurrect this fading nation’s once powerful military infrastructure.
B. Those who are not healthy will be processed into a nutritious feed for cattle and poultry farms to provide a recycling affect so that even these useless people have a benefit to the country.
C. Those who are diseased shall be sent to compounds, where their diseases shall be harvested and employed in the ongoing battles against enemies of the state.

IV – Lastly, a single minded, and carefully selected Leadership needs to be formed, taking power by any means necessary if the existing government is unwilling to evolve for the betterment of the nation. There needs to be one person, a single leader, whose word is law, and whose decisions are absolute. The time for committees, polls, lobbying, and voting is over. We need action, resolve, bravery, vision and dedication to the greatness of this United States of America.
* * * * * *

This country won’t last another 100 years, in the state we are in. Liberal ideals, and overtolerant citizens will usher in the killing blows that will end this nation’s existence at the hands of those we tolerated and assisted in the name of goodness and liberality. Many of our soldiers in Afghanistan were shot by men holding weapons we gave them years ago.

The revolution must be now, we must act now – or we will be read with the history texts of Rome when children of the future are taught of great nations that crumbled from within.
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