rabid_bunnys (rabid_bunnys) wrote in magnetwords,

Feeding the Flame

cold and dark lays the womb
of this shattered brutal night
leaving chilled the heart of god

cherubs sing and dance about
their child minds spin so free
unaware of cicles in their blood

watching on from afar
monster makes snows fall
deeper the drifts furrow up
burying god's little ones below
songs scrape and claw to be heard
then go silently frozen into the air

an enraged thunder pounds the world
with its arrows piercing my cabin
god stokes embers of that home
and coaxes them into a blaze
burning brightly they yawn
and stretch to the sky

trees ripped from a sleeping earth
are given to that hungry flame
who drives back the flurry

his final effort to slay the beast
god reaches to take me by hand
and toss me on the fire
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