rabid_bunnys (rabid_bunnys) wrote in magnetwords,

In need of some help!!!

I am in the process of doing research for a book, and would be very thankful for some assistance from the masses of LJ readers out there. What I need is some input, some ideas, maybe some personal testimonies. Tell me what is cruel.

I want to hear some thoughts on cruel things someone could do to another person, group of people or anything that can be victimized. What is the most cruel and heartless thing someone has done to you, or somebody you know? Have you ever loved someone who was cruel, but you just couldn't help how you felt about them?

Also, tell me what you think makes something or someone cruel. Define for me what you think of when faced with a person who is mean spirited, cold and/or cruel. This is a post asking, neigh, begging for replies.

The more the better, and there is never going to be a reply that I don't appreciate or find something valuable in, so don't be shy.
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